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Mold Inspection in Palm Beach

Do you suspect a mold infestation in your home or workplace? Do you need to find qualified and experienced mold inspectors in Palm Beach County? Our team has years of knowledge conducting thorough inspections throughout South Florida, including Palm Beach County. Call today or send us a message and we’ll help you fully solve the problem. Remember, prolonged exposure to mold can have an ongoing impact on your health, and in the worst cases may leave you with a chronic condition.

If you are dealing with a mold infestation for the first time and you don’t know how remediation works, leave it to the experts. Removing mold is often very a technical and complex process.

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends all homeowners with a mold infestation over ten square feet or within the HVAC system hire a professional mold inspection company.

If you, your family, or even pets are experiencing unexpected respiratory illness or other health problems, it can be due to prolonged exposure to mold. This is the most important reason to hire professionals to eliminate mold.

Providing an Honest Take

Although the risks of leaving mold untreated are well-documented, many people ignore the obvious signs of an infestation and dismiss their symptoms as seasonal allergies, simple sinus congestion, or a common cold. Even if you try to research, there is a lot of conflicting and unclear information online, which can discourage you from dealing with the issue at all. This is absolutely a mistake because you could be sacrificing your health or your family’s health either short- or long-term.

Our company’s approach is to give you all the proven data on mold infestations and potential consequences so you can make a confident, informed decision. Where other companies may hold back on giving the full picture, we shed honest light on each situation, with respect for each of our customer’s situation. Our mission is to be the best mold inspection company in Palm Beach County, and have all the facts you need to keep your home clean and healthy.

Courtesy, Respect, and Efficiency

When mold inspection and testing is essential, think twice before spending on a do-it-yourself kit online. Call Mold Man of South Florida, the trusted professional mold inspection firm in West Palm.

With us as your qualified guide, you might find out you can skip testing entirely. For instance, when mold is visible, there’s little reason to spend time and money on comprehensive testing, instead going straight to removal and remediation to solve the issue. While we are fully qualified for both processes, our goal is your ultimate satisfaction, which means advising you on the most efficient course. Sometimes it’s better to save your budget for possible repairs after mold-removal, such as drywall or carpet replacement and painting.

Although testing is essential for assessing mold toxicity levels and potential health risks after months of exposure, it becomes less critical when it comes to mold removal. The removal process follows a standardized approach that applies to all mold types.

Often, in our industry, many different types of mold are called “black mold,” which creates unnecessary panic for homeowners dealing with a mold infestation. While it is the most toxic variety of mold, it may not be what you’re dealing with. If testing is necessary, we will provide clarity the beat right plan for your situation.

The Bottom Line

Mold Growth

Mold releases a number of spores into the air, and when mold grows indoors the number of these spore increases and eventually they find their way deep into our lungs. Inhaling these harmful mold spores increases our chances of developing serious respiratory issues. Mold spores are present during most of the year with the exception of the winter season.

After Remediation

Remember, after the remediation process is finished and your home is mold-free you may need to repair certain areas like putting up new drywall or new carpeting which can generate additional expenses.

Hiring a Mold Professional

Hiring a professional to handle your mold problem is not only necessary but also of the utmost importance. Our mold inspectors in West Palm are fully trained and they use state of the art devices to inspect, test, and remove the mold from your home.


Be Mold-Free

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